This reference library contains over 1, Casio watch manuals. You need to look up the module number of your watch to find the right one. It should be. Search: Casio Watch Manual: Module · Next Page >> · Page 1 of the owner’s manual for the Casio Module number · Next Page >>. Recent Casio G G G-Shock Mens Vibration Alarm Sports Watch questions,

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To avoid running down the battery, turn off the auto light switch whenever engaging in activities that might cause frequent illumination of the display.

Hour, Minutes, Year, Month, Day. Countdown Timer Alert Operations. In the case of the snooze alarm, the alert operation is performed a total of seven times, every five minutes, or until you turn the alarm off.

In any mode, hold down L for about two seconds to toggle the auto light switch on. You can also use the Timekeeping Mode to select either audible beeper or vibration alert manal alarms. Auto Return Feature If you leave a screen with flashing digits on the display for two or three minutes without performing any operation, the watch automatically saves any settings you have made up to that point and exits the setting screen.

CASIO GV – Owner’s Manual Immediate Download

Once you set the date, there should be no reason to change it except after you manul the watch’s battery replaced. Also take care that sudden illumination by the auto light switch does not startle or distract others around you.


In any mode, press L to illuminate the display. In the Timekeeping Mode, press B to toggle between hour timekeeping and casil timekeeping. This is due to vibration of the EL panel used for illumination, and does not indicate malfunction. Press A to store your data and return to the Telememo record screen without the.

G-Shock GV manuals

To create a new Telememo record. Vibration alert on indicator Telememo The Telememo Mode lets you store up to 30 records, each containing name and telephone number data. After you input the name, press D as many times as necessary to move the cursor. When the setting you want to change is flashing, use E and B to change it as described below. This is due to vibration of the metal band, and does vasio indicate malfunction of the watch. Berlin, Frankfurt, Vienna, Stockholm.

This is the setting mode. ,anual

Auto-repeat automatically restarts the countdown from the countdown start time. Press E to toggle between Standard Time. Countdown Timer Mode, which you enter by pressing.

World Time Mode, which you enter by pressing D. Also take care that sudden illumination by the auto light switch does not. Scrolling The B and E buttons are used in various modes and setting screens to scroll through data on the display.


During the reset period, the watch performs an alert operation at the top of each. Saving Time setting you want to change. Minutes To set an alarm time 1. While the elapsed time is stopped, press B. To turn an alarm and the Hourly Time Signal on and off 1. Displaying the Timekeeping Mode setting screen Displaying the snooze alarm setting screen To test the alarm In the Alarm Mode, hold down Majual to perform the currently selected Alarm Mode alert operation. See “To specify the illumination.

After you select a city code, hold down A until the hour. The B and E buttons are used in various modes and setting screens to scroll.

Are you a Casio Watch Expert? Timer mode auto-repeat, elapsed time.

Timepieces (Watches)

The currently selected alert operation beeper or vibration is performed when the end of the countdown is reached. When the snooze alarm is on, the snooze alarm indicator is displayed in all modes. Display the countdown start time. Minutes Seconds Timekeeping Mode time Configuring Countdown Timer Settings The following are the settings you should configure before actually manula the countdown timer.

Panama City, Havana, Lima, Bogota. Records are automatically sorted based on the characters of the name.