Due to the interest Dr. Simeons’ received regarding his HCG Diet in the 60s, he published POUNDS and INCHES in Pounds and Inches Manuscript with. Original Hcg Diet Manuscript Pounds and Inches by Dr. Simeons. Free copy, or navigate to each section of the book by table of contents. This book, popularly known as Pounds and Inches, contains the original HCG diet Dr. Simeons’ Pounds and Inches manuscript has revolutionized weight loss.

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It is a particularly interesting feature of the HCG simenos that in reasonably cooperative patients this figure is remarkably constant, regardless of sex, age and degree of overweight. Only then can there be intelligent cooperation between physician and patient.

Simeons’ Pounds & Inches Manuscript – HCG Diet Council

Here you will find the summary of phase 2 and information on side effects, the phase 2 food list, stall breakers, tips, tricks, and much more! Every item in the list is gone over carefully, continually stressing the point that no variations other than those listed may be introduced.

On the other hand if a patient drinks more than his body requires, the surplus is promptly and easily eliminated. A mother preparing food for the family may out of sheer habit forget that she must not taste the sauce to inchee whether it needs more salt. The other common factor is that they either improve or do not occur during pregnancy.

This attitude probably dates back to Neolithic times, about years ago; when for the first time in the history of culture, man began to own property, domestic animals, arable land, houses, pottery and metal tools. This almost incredible sensitivity to even such very minor increases in nutritional intake is a peculiar feature of the HCG method. In countries where cottage cheese made from skimmed milk is available grams may occasionally be used instead of the meat, but no other cheeses are allowed.

It was also perfectly evident that only abnormal fat was being consumed, as there were no signs of any depletion of normal fat. An increase in the intake of salt is one of the most common causes for an increase in weight from one day to the next.

Just as the daily dose of HCG is the same in all cases, so the same diet proves to be satisfactory for a small elderly lady of leisure or a hard working muscular giant. In pregnancy the needs of the growing embryo take care of this to some extent, but in the treatment of obesity there is no embryo, and so a very severe dietary restriction must take its place for the duration of treatment.


This site requires Javascript to be enabled for full functionality. It has been our experience that those patients who have been taking thyroid preparations for long periods have a slightly lower average loss of weight under treatment with HCG than those who have never taken thyroid. The bodily signs may be divided into such as have developed before manuscriipt, indicating a strong inherited factor, and those which develop at the onset of manifest disorder.

The patient who is fooling himself is the one who has committed some trifling, offense against the rules but who has been able to convince himself that this is of no importance and cannot possibly account for the gain in weight.

simeond They are masters of their weight, which the obese are not. Do you think that could have anything to do with it? In such cases we consider it permissible, for purely psychological reasons, to break up the plateau. Under the effect of HCG the obese body is always able to obtain all the Calories it needs from the abnormal fat deposits, regardless of whether it uses up or per day.

An affectionate attachment to abnormal fat is usually seen in patients who became obese in childhood, but this is not necessarily so. When no dietary error is elicited we turn to cosmetics. Some complain of a mild headache of which they have been forewarned and for simeohs they have been given permission to take aspirin.

The extra three days are needed because all patients must continue the Aand diet for three days after the last injection. No medicines or cosmetics other than lipstick, eyebrow pencil and powder may be used without special permission.

Under the influence of HCG, fat is being extracted from the cells, in which it is stored in the fatty tissue.

Where the Italian breadsticks, the so-called grissini, are not available, one Melba toast may be used instead, though snd are psychologically less satisfying.

In order to hold one teaspoonful of salt the body requires one liter of water, as it cannot accommodate salt in any higher concentration.

In our cases of obesity with fr or duodenal ulcers we have noticed a surprising subjective improvement in spite of a diet which would generally be considered most inappropriate for an ulcer patient. The degree of overweight is then calculated, and from this the duration of treatment can be manusceipt assessed on the basis of an average loss of weight of a little less than a pound, say grams-per injection, per day. To supply them with sufficient protein of animal origin they must drink cc.

Two pounds of chocolates may be devoured in a few minutes; cold, greasy food from the refrigerator, stale bread, leftovers on stacked plates, almost anything edible is crammed down with terrifying speed and ferocity. Their skin remained fresh and turgid, and gradually their figures became entirely normal, nor did the daily administration of HCG appear to have any side-effects other than beneficial.


The first is that the fat-banking capacity is abnormally low from birth.

Read Pounds and Inches – Dr. Simeons Original hCG Diet Protocol

The administration of HCG does in fact do this in a remarkable way. We explain that owing to the restricted diet it is perfectly satisfactory and normal to have an evacuation of the bowel only once every three to four days and that, provided plenty of fluids are taken, this never leads to any disturbance. Very often he wants to know why extra food weighing one ounce should increase his weight by six ounces. It seems that simeon normal fat reserves require that much more time before they are fully stocked.

Among its many functions ajd diencephalon is also the seat of our primitive animal instincts, and just as in an emergency it can switch energy from one center to another, so it seems to be able to transfer pressure from one instinct to another.

At that time we knew very little about the function of the diencephalon, and my simepns centered round the pituitary gland. Theses can help give you daily examples of how to eat.

Page not found – Pounds and Inches Away

Actually, a low blood count not due to any serious disorder of the blood forming tissues improves during treatment, and we have never encountered a significant protein deficiency nor signs of a lack of vitamins in patients who are dieting regularly. We do a blood-count and a sedimentation rate and estimate uric acid, cholesterol, iodine and sugar in the fasting blood.

This has tendered it extraordinarily adaptable plunds all natural exigencies, and that is one of the main reasons why the human species was able to evolve. At first this seemed an utterly hopeless undertaking. The diencephalon is the part from which the central nervous system controls all the automatic animal functions of the body, such as breathing, the heart beat, digestion, sleep, sex, the urinary system, the autonomous or vegetative nervous system and via the pituitary the whole interplay of the endocrine glands.

It is only then that the rd accumulated fat is locked away again in a fixed deposit.