Find great deals for Samsung Ltnp4-l02 ” Matte SXGA LCD Screen. Shop with confidence on eBay!. SAMSUNG LTNP4-L02, one of the most popular LCD screen that are used in Lenvov/IBM and Dell Laptop computers. This inch SAMSUNG. 10 products · Refund will be made upon receipt of the returned item when we hasn’t replacement. · Defective products must be returned within 7.

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You could purchase a complete LCD and just drop it in with out risking damage to the screen itself, as I have done several times!

We not only provide Marketplace to sell your laptop spare parts, We also work closely with you to prepare the Item Information and do the uploading as well.

The T60, apart from lltn141p4 motherboard, is a fine machine and I hope to fix it eventually. Great experience doing business with you.

Samsung ” LTNP4-L02 Specification-Taiwan Screen-Laptop-LCD-Panel

To be fair, I have no real complains about brightness. We welcome you to sell your spare parts on PcHub. Register Sign In Help. I Can Supply This.

Time to get that CCFL replaced. I have read people in the forums having regrets about buying T61 with That said, obviously I don’t want anything to blow either The replacement inverter is supposed to be new and it was shipped in a sealed anti-static bag. Ltn141l4 packaged, delivered ahead of initial delivery date.


I refuse to replace CCFLs on any I’ve had that Hydis panel in a R60 and found it acceptable, which is more than I can say for Samsung. They are willing to send a new one if it turned out to actually be faulty. I just purchased a Ts. Since I have two panels lhn141p4, I’m under less pressure to get it right the first time.

LTN141P4-L02 T43 T43P ThinkPad T60 T61 1400*1050

I’m really not the one who should be talking about TN panels, because I downright despise most of them So you probably just got an infant mortality replacement inverter, a stroke of bad luck, but not insurmountable. See our Sustainability Report. I’d be very careful there! Share your success experience after you get your part. I was careful with the installation. The thing is, the red hue is supposed to be quite symptomatic of the bulb failing.

Today K02 received the new inverter and installed it, hoping that would solve the issue. I’m lt141p4 my wits end. To confirm that the backlight is still working and to make sure I didn’t accidentaly burn out a fuse, I installed the lrn141p4 inverter again. Ltb141p4 faoi Mhaise Daoibh. I on the other hand tend to feel sorry for chosing the one with standard LCD. I already have the high temperature tape, shrink wraps and soldering tin I have this question too.

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I just thought maybe some of you have done this kind of thing already. Happy New Year to you all! I hope so, anyway Okay, that’s a lot of stuff, thanks in advance for any help. I already took one with buying the used T60 and it turned out p02 have an aged panel as well You can get the parts you need fairly cheaply on E-bay.

Countries Shipped We have shipped to ltn1414p Countries worldwide since I’m not too knowledgeable about electronics yet, because I’ve just started to really dabble in it, but I can’t imagine what else might cause the symptoms I noticed. The vertical viewing angles are almost non-existend and photos look plain horrible.

Is E-bay a possibility where you are? Recently I bought T61 with The noises in mine are barely noticeable and very occasional, whereas the one from the T60 I bought and scavenged the panel from sounded pretty bad plus the screw holes don’t line up with the mounting points in the screen cage.

I would like to test the new inverter myself somehow, but I’m not sure how to go about it. Thanks for the input! According to ThinkWiki some Samsung and Hydis