Sanshin No Kata – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Sanshin no kata is the swingy arm movement similar to chi no kata. But it is also a way of moving. The whole body taijutsu that makes our techniques effective at. Form of the 3 Hearts In The Law of Threes – Part 1, we discussed the 3 physical components of Alignment, Movement, and Breathing, which for.

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Almost universally, meditation involves some aspect of quieting the mind, and the Sanshin in this case is used as a vehicle for that.

The Shoshin Gokei level or method involves performing the 5 kata solo against an imaginary opponent. Ninjutsu Training Understanding the Sanshin. I have included all of them mo rearranged some, and even added a few more techniques to make it more representative.

Also moving, and in all directions. The following set of exercises is specifically designed to increase flow nagare in your taijutsu.

Well, some said they did. I rarely do the Sanshin in class. In my begin period of Bujinkan, back inwe called it all “gogyou no kata”.

Henka is more spontaneous techniques you do because you have to, it is like adjusting because what you started doing will not work. When I first began training in the Bujinkan over 20 years ago there were very few training resources. When and if the book is released I will add the full content list here.


If anyone wants to know what Sanshin no Kata etc is, just ask Soke. In February he came to visit us in Stockholm, Sweden to give a seminar on this years theme. Every time I learned something new I added it to my own notes. If you subscribe to my training notes if you aren’t a subscriber yet, you miss a LOT of free Bujinkan notesyou know how I train on sanshin in my basics class. The Call of Bujinkan Training. Not only does it teach core mechanical movements that are built upon later, it also supplies the intended methodology for learning in general.

This can’t be taught in words. But it is also a way of moving. All three must be….

More Bujinkan for us! Sanshin no kata, are you doing it wrong?

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It feels to me as this is built within each of the Sanshin movements. Sanshin no Kata form of the three hearts forms the basis for movement in the Bujinkan. Strap in, kids because this is gonna be a bumpy one. November 10, at In addition to being the owner and head instructor of Todai Dojo, Scott is also the CEO of a national manufacturing sahshin.

In terms of the movements, this would carry a spirit of exploring. If not, you throw out thousands of years of knowledge and are floating free in a fog of your own confusion.

Sanshin no Kata

View my complete profile. It is further divided into three levels. For example there was only one Muto-dori technique I added two morethere was only three seated techniques I added two more. Flow is efficiency and continuity in movement.


Shoshin gokei are the five forms everyone calls “sanshin no kata. Subscribe sanshim Latest Announcements, Updates and Discounts.

Sanshin no Kata – Todai Bujinkan Dojo

The Beginners Mind The Shoshin Gokei level or method involves performing the 5 kata solo against an imaginary opponent. It is said that you should study each level for at least 10 years. Some of the people was at the seminar and requested more Ashirau techniques and Jutte techniques.

The only way to go from average martial artists to outstanding is to train more. In western language we tend to separate the idea of the mind as that of logic, and heart involving emotion or character. These three hearts are mind, body, and spirit. Kaga Saturday the training started with all three forms in Sanshin no kata, then moved on to Muto-dori. I have to confess: Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Next page. There are many many different things said about Sanshin no kata.

But looking back, I tend to feel differently. First, we learn the fundamentals, then how to break them up.

Understanding the Sanshin – Todai Bujinkan Dojo

ni Someya Sensei emphasized proper shifting of weight and angling of attack. Where they learned it, where the info. The number three refers to the 3 different ways to train the movements.